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3D Modeling and Form-finding - GMP

3D Modeling and Form-finding

For complex building form and surface geometry, GMP can help designers, architects and developers in 3D modeling and advanced form-finding techniques.

Advanced Visualization - GMP

Advanced Visualization

GMP uses a variety of software tools to facilitate the visualization process, including: Autocad 3D, 3D Studio Max, Revit and others.

Building Information Modeling - GMP

Building Information Modeling

GMP is able to work with your design team to develop an information model that can be passed on to the build team, and work with the build team in adapting design information models to the needs of construction.

Design-Build - GMP


GMP provides design-build services, meaning that the firm designs and engineers the custom facade solutions it provides, in addition to installing them.

Engineering - GMP


GMP is proud to announce its most recent achievement: a 40 foot tall facade made entirely of glass!
This is a symbol of pioneering techniques that exemplify state of the art engineering of a point supported glass wall system.
In addition, the wall has a structural glass mullion that enables, architects, designers and developers to freely create visually appealing, open feel spaces without obstructions.
This system is perfect for lobbies, amenities decks and penthouses.

Glazing Consulting - GMP

Glazing Consulting

GMP provides consulting services to leading architects on many landmark projects. This process has proven to be effective in mitigating the risks posed by unique and complex design requirements, and the use of emergent materials and specialized technology. Requests for information and changes are characteristically dramatically reduced.

Glazing Contractors - GMP

Glazing Contractors

GMP manages the project delivery process following requirements of schedule, quality and cost, delivering top quality economically and on time. This service is the basis for our many long-term relationships with developers, general contractors and architects.



GMP works with the design and build teams on projects to insure that the influence of the building skin is optimized for LEED point considerations.